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Rendon Griffin

rendon griffin

rendon griffinRendon Griffin began making Griffin knives in 1967 after a chance encounter with a retired blacksmith who made knives in his spare time, opening Griffin's eyes to a whole new kind of hand work. After the blacksmith said he was getting old and didn't have time to fill the orders he already had, Griffin decided to just try making on on his own.

Griffin spent almost forty years as a salesman with Flink Ink Corporation and honing his knifemaking skills in his spare time.  After one of his friends showed three or four knifes and recommended Griffin's knives to a local sporting goods store, the store manager bought all of the knives.  The rest is history.

Griffin retired in 2000 and began making knives full time.  His reputation grew quickly and he sold almost 4,500 knives not only in the United States but in 10 foreign countries.  All of his knives were made from scratch which was rare among knifemakers.

Rendon Griffin passed away August 2014.

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