Custom Knife Trader

John 'Jack' Busfield is a full time maker who sold his first knife in 1979. His investment grade folders are generally made of 154CM or ATS34 stainless steel, and are quite frequently graced with scroll and various themes by some of the finest engravers in the world. Johns price-style and trailing-point interframe folding knives are frequently inlaid with Lapis, Jade, agate, and mother of pearl. He also makes various styles of sculpted frame folders from gold or stainless steel. Many of his knives have been beautifully and intricately gold inlayed and engraved by well known artists like Sam Alfano, Dan Wilkerson, Ray Cover Jr., and Julie Warenski to name just a few. John is making very few knives these days and his pieces are always sought after and very collectable.

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