Custom Knife Trader
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Gail Lunn


gail-lunnI started making custom knives in early 2000, when Larry asked if I wanted to learn to something new. He has been teaching me ever since. He still has a wealth of information that is available to me.

I enjoy creating a custom knife from raw materials. As of now I make fancy folders. I use Damascus, Mokume, Ivory, Ebony, Mother of Pearl, Goldlip and whatever else touches my fancy. I file work blades, backbars and liners in a multitude of patterns. Each new custom knife incorporates something I've learned from my teacher Larry Lunn or other Knife makers who are generous enough to help. There is so much to learn that custom knife making remains exciting and challenging. In my website you will find samples of the custom knives I've made.

  • Double Action Damascus Dagger
  • 2 3/4" Damascus Dagger Blade
  • Damascus Frame with Tortoise Shell Inlays
  • 18 kt Gold Nugget Release Button and Thumb Post
  • Gold Plated Daisy Screws
  • Anodized, Jeweled, and File Worked Liners
  • Gail's Mark Inside